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Create Wealth Through Residual IncomeTo Create Your Future Wealth You Must Spend Some Money Now

You need to consider investing in yourself by spending money to build a business that will create wealth through residual income.

Get paid ‘forever money’ for doing the work up front just once.

It’s not going to happen with a Franchise!

Many people still turn to a Franchise as a business opportunity.

It needs a lot of thinking about and a solid investigation into what happens if the ‘rosy’ figures indicated by the company awarding the franchise don’t work for you within a predicted timescale.

You will be worrying about the very large loan you took out, maybe on the strength of ownership of your house.

Running this sort of business can adversely affect your health if external factors affect the expected minimum income required to keep your head above water.

Where you have to take on staff – they don’t have your vision of the future.

Frankly, they just want the money for the hours they put in.

You could end up stressing over hiring and training all the time, because the people who work for you are just looking for a job.

The majority of them don’t really care if you are successful or not.

If they decide not to turn up for work for minor reasons it becomes your problem, not theirs.

Have words with them … and they will just go and get another basic wages job elsewhere.

Meanwhile, you will then have to hire (again) and do more training (again)….

Franchises can work for some

I and lots of others use the services of some businesses that are a franchise and I am grateful that these are operating so I can take advantage of their services.

Personally, I don’t want to take out a loan of $5000 or anything up to $1,000,000 to run a business that already starts with heavy debt and large obligations!

And I don’t know of any where you create wealth through residual income, do the work once and the money continues to come in.

Is There a Cheaper, Legitimate Opportunity?

I have to say I have tried quite a few things over the last few years.

Lately I have noticed a huge proliferation of ‘internet business opportunities’ that I have my doubts about for the average person to achieve lasting success with.

Increasingly – there is something new and shiny, the ‘next best thing’ happening nearly every month.

A good business opportunity needs to be able grow over a period of time (years) and have a solid business plan for the individual to follow, gain success and create wealth through residual income. ONLY if that individual applies the training given and commits to the work required.

You must have a receptive and proactive team to work within.

People who are left to try and work a business by themselves, especially if they have never done it before, need ALOT of support and encouragement.

I don’t know you and your personality so what I do may just not appeal to you.

I am really happy now with the precious metals business I run – the team is all about long term business rewards from promoting an excellent product.

There are also some very good programs out there in the health and fitness arena and I have tried one or two of these in the past.

The products were amazing, but the team support was mostly about pushing and motivating to move more product and recruit more people.

Of course, people don’t achieve the expected – in the time expected – and fall like dead flies.

The attrition rate can be horrendous in general network marketing because people didn’t do their homework or were not told all the information on what they were entering.

Examine WHY you are looking at a Home Business / Network Marketing

Not the business itself – the REASONS why you are looking at it.

If you are desperate to get hold of money fast – this is NOT for you!

You understand that you are building links with like minded people over time.

It will take time and education and learning to walk before you can run.

Be prepared to support ALL the business overheads yourself for the first YEAR before the business becomes profitable. It may not be necessary – but be prepared.

You WILL have to apply yourself consistently (i.e. work) to see results and success.

Still interested? We have a great business team HERE.

Everyone networks everyday.

We share a good book, a good recipe, a new place to dine, help with an ailment.

Create Wealth Through Residual Income From Network Marketing

Network Marketing today holds the greatest promise of any marketing innovation for accomplishing the goal of educating consumers about new products and services. (Paul Zane Pilzer)

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