ParadoxCash Review – Treat or Trick?

Creating a Formidable ParaDoxCash Advertising Empire

Paradoxcash is in pre-launch with a website initially gathering together at least 30,000 people to begin participating in a ‘share the wealth’ cashback advertising site which will appeal to external advertisers.

Nigel AngeIt’s being put together by Nigel and Angelina Swain, Owners of and several other sites that will be revealed on launch date.

Initially it was to be 100,000 people, but it looks like it has been modified to get it going quicker by adjusting the founder membership on a sliding scale.

Joining Paradoxcash – How Much Does It Cost?

Cost for a once-only Founder Membership is $2.00
– yes, just 2 Dollars LIFETIME PAYMENT!

Join paradoxcashJoin Paradoxcash here (PayPal)

The first 5,000 members will pay Paradoxcash $2.00 and this gives you access for life, no upgrades, no asking for money, nothing, that’s all you will pay for ever.

Then the next 25,000 members will only pay a small one time payment and never pay anything again.

$4.00 to join for the next 5000 members. LIFETIME PAYMENT!
$6.00 to join for the next 5000 members. LIFETIME PAYMENT!
$8.00 to join for the next 5000 members. LIFETIME PAYMENT!
$10.00 to join for the next 10000 members. LIFETIME PAYMENT!

This then creates 30,000 founder members who will share 50% of all paradoxcash profits.

After the 30,000 membership it will be $15.00 to join this huge site per month, $5.00 to admin $10.00 to you for each referral per month.

Any members that join after the founder members will get 10% share of the profits and all the other benefits

What Will I Get In Paradoxcash

Remember 50% of all profit will be shared between the first 30,000 founder members only!!
10% of all the advertising your referrals sell under you 10 levels deep
25% of all the advertising that you sell
3000 website credits per month
5000 banner credits per month
5000 text credits per month
Unlimited video bookmarks
Unlimited bookmarks
Unlimited autoresponder
Unlimited rotator
Free access to the conference room for selling
Unlimited track everything
Then more and more and more!!
There are also other sites being built at this moment that you will get automatic FREE membership PLUS 50% OF ALL PROFIT THEY MAKE!!

This is a long term income plan that will give you money for ever.

Join Paradoxcash here (PayPal)

Activities To Do Right Now

Join paradoxcashLogin to once every day or two.
Login in to your account is very important as it gives the site a better ranking on the world wide web.
Also advertise your affiliate link, anywhere and everywhere.

So – worth a risk joining Paradoxcash for $2.00?

I think so.

Join Paradoxcash here (PayPal)

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4 Responses to “ParadoxCash Review – Treat or Trick?”

  • ParadoxCash problems have been resolved. All is good to go, now.

  • Hi there,

    I wanted to join paradox cash but the payment precessor is not working!

    Warm regards,

  • Hi there,

    I wanted to join paradoxcash but the payment processor is not working!

    • Hi Benny,

      Nothing ever goes smoothly…

      1. Paypal are playing up the owners and they are presently in dispute – but it should be OK soon.

      2. Payza (Alertpay) are currently reviewing the site to allow payments.

      3. A new dedicated server has been bought to allow future expansion so a little downtime is expected.

      Hopefully, given a little more time, all will be well!

      Go back to site on a regular basis till you see a payment button that works…

      All the best

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