PAYZA Dumps on UK Account Holders

payza-online-payments - payza in trouble againPAYZA Puts UK Account Holders In The Freezer!

NEW. It’s now 2015 and it looks like my PAYZA account is NOW good to go. I logged in out of interest after 2 years and found no restrictions were in place for me here in the UK :)
From 2012…
Last month I received an email from PAYZA which I thought was a bit offhand and just shows why these money processors/exchangers need to be brought under control. It’s more galling when you think the original Alertpay company was taken over by a British based concern!

I did find out a plausible explanations from another website forum which I will share below.

We regret to inform you that as of Thursday, October 18, 2012, Payza will suspend money transfers into all UK-based Payza accounts. This is necessary in order to implement a number of changes to our system. Your money is still available; however, you will not be able to:

  • Add funds to your Payza e-wallet
  • Receive funds or accept payments to your Payza e-wallet
  • Request funds or send an invoice
  • Send funds, make payments or issue corporate disbursements  to other UK-based Payza accounts

The moment that any and all services will be restored, we will inform you immediately via email and in a notification within your Payza account. Please be sure to check your Payza account and your email on a regular basis for the latest updates to our services.

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience this interruption of service will cause you. We would like to emphasize that it is our intention, as a consequence of the changes we are putting in place at Payza, to be able provide the UK market with a robust online payment platform enhanced by a wider range of services.

Thank you for your understanding,
The Payza Team

Notice the word “into“. I am one of the UK residents with a Payza account which is now frozen, this is a real problem as I have funds in my account as well as pending transfers which won’t now be be paid IN to cover Outgoings. These are subscriptions to Canadian and N. American accounts still going out until the balance gets too low.

I will then have to cancel these subscriptions and move them to SolidTrustPay who had the same problem USA side but got round it by aligning to a Bank and carrying out identity paperwork requirements and checks.

PAYZA General Performance.

It is possible a large amount of fraudulent activities are being encountered and Payza is going through a massive security check on accounts.

If you scan the Payza blog they are giving out tips to help and educate others on how to avoid getting hacked and lots of account verification processes.

a) If you are a new Payza customer or client you WILL need to verify your account. Send in documentation which to include proof of address + bank statement + Passport or Government Issued ID.

b) There has also been a surge of Payza accounts being either, Blocked, Restricted (Frozen) and sometimes even closed. If you have made a big transaction or many transactions at any given time – it would appear that your account will be Restricted (Frozen) automatically by the PayZa security system and then it will go through security check ups and a verification process before de-restriction. This may take some WEEKS!

If your Payza account is restricted just send the documents they ask for and wait for your turn. If you didn’t do anything wrong then they will probably restore it.

If they find you cheating the system or doing any kind of fraud – I doubt you will get your account back.

PAYZA UK Accounts Restricted.

A Mr L Hardy posted this in a comment in another blog and I repeat it as I found it:
October 19, 2012 at 11:38 am

“I spoke to Payza yesterday about my UK account and they inform me that they are in the process of obtaining a license from the FSA ( Financial Services Authority). The restrictions stop me from doing anything with my funds except to withdraw my entire balance, which being an IM’er makes it even more difficult to earn online without this pay processor.”

“After a call to the FSA I discovered that the UK Government is forcing their hand to make sure Payza is in compliance with several UK regulations and this will take up to 3 months!!! Yes its f*$king BS! So I am draining my account and cancelling it shortly after.”


It’s a shame as well as a big nuisance because for long periods of time I have used Alertpay/Payza with no problem and generally found it easy to use apart from their credit card problems last year.

As they say – watch this space – watch Payza.